What People Say After a Lesson With Jesse.

"I truly believe I was actually tone deaf before working with Singing Success and Jesse Nemitz. I hope others can be inspired by my story" 

-Eddie Gilbert


"I am so very, very, humbled in my spirit by your kindness and encouragement to me during my lessons. I feel such a sense of freedom inside my soul that just wants to EXPLODE when in a lesson! It's so hard for me to explain in words what I mean.  Study with Jesse Nemitz Today!"

-Brenda Oaks


"I had a lesson with Jesse this past Saturday. I am SOLD. If you had doubts about whether this guy can do what he did on his recordings LIVE it's a done deal. His voice is awesome! Not only is his voice awesome but he took my voice to a level that was hard for me to get to. IN ONE LESSON PEOPLE!!! ONE LESSON!!!!



"I love this guy- such wisdom."

-Will Gracie


  " I learn so much with you it's crazy!  Thank You so much!!"

- Desiree


Recording, Production and Mixing Samplings.

Produced, Mixed and Arranged by- Jesse Nemitz.  Recorded and shot at Jesse Nemitz studios. 

Produced By- Jesse Nemitz.  Recorded and shot at Jesse Nemitz studios

Produced By- Jesse Nemitz

Produced, Mixed and Arranged By- Jesse Nemitz.  Shot and Recorded live at Scarrit Bennett Chapel


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