Jesse Nemitz
Jesse Nemitz
Record Producer. Vocal Coach

"I truly believe anyone can learn to sing."  


JESSE NEMITZ | BMA Master Vocal Coach

Jesse Nemitz- Record Producer | Vocal Coach


Jesse Nemitz began his professional coaching career as a protégé of Brett Manning (Taylor Swift, Keith Urban, Miley Cyrus, Hayley Williams of Paramore etc.), Nashville’s preeminent vocal coach, in the spring of 2007. Jesse assisted Brett in licensing the “Brett Manning Teacher Certification Program,” becoming his first Master Associate in 2008; a title given to a select few Brett Manning Associates (BMAs) who are authorized to instruct other teachers currently training in the program.

In 2007, under the employ of Singing Success Inc., Jesse built the world’s first online subscription-based singing training video website, SingingSuccess.TV, featuring Brett Manning and his Nashville team of professional vocal coaches.  Jesse was featured on the site from 2008-2011, appearing in over 50 full-length videos. Clips of these videos and other voice training tips have collected millions of views on the Singing Success YouTube channel, making Jesse one of the most popular vocal coaches on the web today.

In 2009, Jesse released two DVD/CD voice-training products and is currently authoring a new program due in the fall of 2013. His current offerings can be found at (“TOP 7 SECRETS OF THE SUPER-HIGH MIX VOICE” and “TOP 7 COMMERCIAL SINGING SECRETS.”)

Jesse became a full-time music producer in 2011, dedicating the majority of his time writing and producing music for signed and unsigned artists out of his studio in Nashville, TN. Though he is a busy music industry professional, he is currently available for 1-on-1 training sessions exclusively for select students.

Due to his unique background and real-world music industry experience, Jesse is the perfect coach for recording artists; having essential knowledge of the specific demands required of studio singing. Jesse also has extensive touring experience and provides life-saving preventative maintenance and therapy for singers who need a reliable voice through the most strenuous circumstances.

Having coached artists from every major record label, the Metropolitan Opera and even Broadway, Jesse is an obvious choice for the serious singer. Don’t miss your opportunity to train with him; book your voice lesson today.